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About Nia Renee Realtor

Hello, my name is Nia Renee, and I am the founder of Nia Renee Realtor. I currently live in Orlando, Florida.

I have over a decade of real estate experience under my belt. Before I had my real estate license, we started our real estate career on the investment side, such as purchasing investment properties and turning them into renal houses or Airbnb’s for nightly rentals.

With my experience as a Realtor and Investor combined, we have helped hundreds of buyers purchase their dream homes. While also assisting homeowners in selling their houses for top dollar.

Looking For A Top Real Estate Near You?

If you are looking to sell a house anywhere throughout Florida, Nia Renee Realtor can help you! Regardless of the property condition, location, and timeline, we can tailor-fit a solution for you.

As your Florida real estate agent, We will dedicate 100% of our time while representing you to find your dream home, next vacation house, or even your next investment property. If you decide to sell your house with Nia Renee Realtor, we will give it our all to get your house sold.

Nia Renee Realtor is friends with local photographers, contractors, stagers, agents, title companies, investors, and lenders. We want to share our network with you regardless if you are looking for a house or selling your current property.

How Nia Renee Realtor Can Help You Sell A House?

  • Expertise With Over A Decade Of Experience
  • Wide Network and Marketing Reach
  • Time and Convenience
  • Objective Guidance and Pricing Strategy
  • Negotiation Skills and Legal Protection

How Nia Renee Realtor Can Help You Buy A House?

  • Expert Guidance and Negotiation Skills
  • Access to Exclusive Listings and Market Insights
  • Local Market Knowledge and Neighborhood Expertise
  • Assistance with Paperwork and Legal Processes
  • Efficient and Smooth Transaction Management

We understand that buying or selling a property is not just a business transaction but a life-changing experience. Nia Renee Realtor is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all our clients. We make our clients a priority! We are always accessible, good listeners, and good communicators, and respond quickly to your needs.

How Nia Renee Works With Buyers and Sellers

We are able to spot a potential issue 🔎

It is essential to make sure that your home is in top shape if you want to attract more buyers and sell it for more money. The same goes when Nia Renee Realtor works with buyers looking for a house in good condition that needs few or no repairs.

Our market knowledge is extensive 💡

We have access to sales and listing information for homes, which we utilize to suggest reasonable asking prices to both sellers and purchasers. Nia Renee Realtor is a market expert and can comprehend how long-term market trends operate.

We know the experts 🤵

We work with various professionals like attorneys, contractors, mortgage consultants, title companies, and more. Nia Renee Realtor knows who has to be involved in the process.

Negotiation skills 🤝

It could be hard to negotiate whether you selling or buying. Nia Renee Realtor is here to help you get the price you are aiming for. We are trained to negotiate for the best price possible.

How Nia Renee Realtor Works With Homeowners

Nia Renee Realtor has helped homeowners all over the state of Florida, including some of the major cities such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, and Tallahassee. Although we are located in Gainesville, Florida, we can assist you wherever needed. As a realtor, we also have a network of agents that we occasionally partner with in order to achieve smoother transactions.

Even if you own property out of state, Nia Renee Realtor can help you with your buying and selling needs! With our prior experience and after countless clients, we are able to provide a dramatically more efficient and less stressful way to buy and sell a house.

Why Choose Nia Renee Realtor?

Buying A Home

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work on that immediately. With Nia Renee Realtor’s help, you can find your dream home.

Selling A Home

Provide us details about your home to get the process started. Nia Renee Realtor will help you sell your home at the reasonable price you aim for.

Market Analysis

Do you want to know how much your home is worth? Nia Renee Realtor can provide you with comparable sale information for your neighborhood

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If You Need To Sell Or Buy A House, Nia Renee Realtor Can Help!

Essential Housing information

Nia Renee Realtor will tell you what needs to be improved for your home to look marketable to get the highest price possible.

Housing Comparable

We will run our numbers using comparables to price your home and analyze data for an accurate listing price.

Market Exposure

Nia Renee Realtor will market your home on several MLS to obtain the most amount of exposure. We will help you find the buyers that would give us the best deal.

Thank you for choosing to work with us!